SS21 She Dreams

SS21 She Dreams is an ode to daydreams born of fantasy, desire and verve.
Inspired by the exoticism of East African landscapes, Nikki Flook's newest collection fuses the earthly with the mystical to transform the dreamy to the real.

From the endless shores of Lamu Island, Kenya, to the secluded sand dunes of the Namib desert, She Dreams redefines barefoot luxe with a modern minimalism infused with global soul.

Shape-shifting silhouettes and tribal accessories reimagine a more primal, empowered expression of femininity,  while the alchemy of sun-kissed neutrals - ivory, sage, fawn, mink & copper - and metallic yarns creates an earthy, yet otherworldly, glamour. Ethereal fabrics and slinky knits sway in the warm, equatorial breeze, while elegant slip dresses, plunging wrap tops, floor-skimming skirts and thigh-high splits exude a timeless sensuality. 

Weaving a mosaic of seductive tones and sumptuous textures, She Dreams is a tribute to our Inner Wild, and the reverie it sparks in all of us.

Barefoot Luxe

Refined Minimalism

Shape-Shifting Silhouettes

Sun Kissed Neutrals

Ethereal Fabrics