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At Flook The Label, we believe in savoring the journey, embracing the world’s wonders, and capturing the essence of every adventure through consciously crafted beachwear, swimwear, and knitwear. Working hand-in-hand with local artisans in Bali, we create garments that reflect a deep respect for both the people and the planet, blending the ancient art of crochet and knitting to celebrate natural beauty.

From Our Founder

Welcome to Flook The Label—a space where adventure, creativity, and beauty come together effortlessly. Life is often chaotic and overwhelming, so I wanted to create a brand that serves as a sanctuary—a place that helps you slow down and reconnect with the joy of exploration. Our collections are an invitation to celebrate life’s simple pleasures, to embrace your femininity, and to cultivate your creativity.

Flook was born from my desire to live freely and authentically, and it has evolved into a community that embodies these values. Together with our talented Balinese artisans, we've created a vibrant, diverse collection that captures the spirit of wanderlust, inspiring women around the world to chase sunsets and feel confident in their unique beauty. Our garments are thoughtfully designed with purpose and integrity, reflecting a commitment to quality, fair labor, and eco-responsibility.

I deeply value the support that has enabled me to build this vision. I see the beauty in our community, cherish the love that fuels our journey, and hold immense gratitude for the artisans and advocates who empower our mission. At Flook, we celebrate the strength, creativity, and positivity that each of you brings to the world.

Welcome to our vibrant community of fiercely feminine explorers. May you find joy, inspiration, and a deep sense of belonging in this journey.


Nikki Flook xx

We are Flook The Label—a celebration of the fiercely feminine, the free-spirited wanderlust, and an unwavering commitment to seeking joy.

Our Values

Craftsmanship with Purpose

Every piece of Flook is meticulously handmade by our talented Balinese artisans using plant-based dyes. From flowing beachwear to swimwear that embraces you like the ocean, our collections reflect our unwavering commitment to fair labor, quality, and sustainable sourcing. We cherish the intricate details that define nature, culture, and art, infusing these inspirations into every design.

The Flook Woman

The Flook woman is a fiercely feminine spirit, chasing sunsets and basking in the glow of her unique beauty. She embodies confidence and creativity, reveling in exploration and immersing herself in the vibrant cultures of the world. She is one with nature, valuing conscious consumption and seeking garments that align with her belief in mindful choices. She is part of our community that cherishes life’s simple joys, radiates positivity, and drives change towards a better world.

Ethical Partnerships

Our dedication extends beyond our own collections. We proudly partner with Stella's Child to sponsor their Entrepreneurship program, empowering Indonesian children from disadvantaged backgrounds to transition into the workforce through education in eco-responsible fashion. By teaching them every aspect of the creative journey—from concept and design to production and launch—we help them unlock their creativity and build the confidence to thrive.

Our Community

Our core values—quality, fair labor, eco-responsibility, locally sourced materials, and community—are woven into the fabric of our brand. By embracing ethical partnerships, reducing environmental impact, and supporting local craftspeople, we are building more than a brand; we are cultivating a movement that empowers our community to live, dress, and travel with gratitude, lightness, and love for Mother Earth.


The Flook Foundation is our way of giving back to the community, fostering meaningful partnerships and impactful programs that uplift Bali and beyond.


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