Embracing Wanderlust & Style as a Mother

Embracing Wanderlust & Style as a Mother

As Mother's Day approaches, Flook The Label celebrates the fusion of motherhood with the spirit of adventure and style. We're thrilled to feature Jess Buchanan, a beloved member of our community who embodies the essence of a Flook woman.

She's a mother who effortlessly balances her love for nature's beauty with a flair for fashion, all while nurturing a family. Join us as she shares her insights on chasing sunsets, evolving personal style, and maintaining creativity and confidence as a mother.

Balancing Sunset Chases and Motherhood

"Chasing sunsets with my little family has brought me more joy than anything else before it. The best sunsets are the ones we share together," shares Jess. It's clear that for her, these moments are not just about watching the sky change colors; they are cherished family memories in the making.

Style Evolution

Since becoming a mother, Jess notes a significant transformation in her style, opting for "easy, feminine styles" that align with Flook's aesthetic. "Oh yes, my style has done a 180 for sure! I gravitate towards more easy, feminine styles, and I feel Flook definitely ticks both of those boxes," she explains. Her choice in fashion reflects both comfort and the continued embrace of her femininity—a perfect match for Flook's effortlessly chic designs.

Remember that you are still you, a new you, but you. Do things for YOU, make time for yourself to keep your confidence and creativity alive."

- Jess Lee Buchanan