Our story

Flook is a contemporary range of ethically-made beachwear, swimwear, and knit, lovingly crafted with local artisans in Bali.  All garments are hand-made using eco-responsible and fair labour practices, with locally-sourced, sustainable materials and plant-based dyes. 

After 7 years in London fashion, Nikki Flook answered the call that led her to Bali, and the creation of Flook The Label.Her eponymous line embodies style, soulfulness, and the spirit of adventure. With a bohemian sensibility, refined details, and eco-luxe fabrics, it honours a diverse array of people, places, and cultures.  Each collection is a fusion of global influences that reimagine femininity at its most sensual and empowered. 

Fashion is our heart, but community is our ethos, so Flook The Label continues to evolve its scope through conscious entrepreneurship, mentorship programs, and charity work.  We inspire, educate, and ultimately collaborate with local children and communities, with gratitude and reverence for the people and planet that make it all possible.


Creative Director, Nikki Flook, finds inspiration in thoughtful details in nature, culture, textiles, and art. At home everywhere, and a wanderer at heart, she imbues each collection with an alluring sense of place. Both where she’s been, and where she dreams to be. We honour our environment by using local methods to elevate our designs.

Among them, macrame — a form of textile making that uses intricate knotting techniques, crochet — which uses a crochet hook to interlock loops of yarn, thread, or strands of other materials, and knit — the process of inter-looping yarns or inter-meshing loops.

We also sponsor one of the Entrepreneurship programs at Stella’s Child (stellaschild.org), which supports Indonesian children from deeply disadvantaged backgrounds as they prepare to leave their homes and orphanages to enter the world of work.  We teach them the art and science of eco-responsible fashion − everything from initial concept and design to manufacturing and launch − while empowering their creativity and the confidence they need to succeed.